The Story – BUITERLING – Time out and luxury at the Hotel Buiterling
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The story

A Lovestory

When I first stepped into the beautiful Art Nouveau building, it was love at first sight. Immediately, I was fascinated by the architecture and the history of the former doctor’s house. And the idea of opening a boutique hotel was born. To me the perfect location to create something unique in Brilon.

The meaning of "BUITERLING"

If you used to be called “BUITERLING” in the old days, it wasn’t a compliment because it was meant to signal that you were not a native of Brilon. But that was once upon a time. I find the term very charming and I am proud to be a “BUITERLING”. A BUITERLING is a newcomer, someone who comes from outside and settles down in Brilon. Just like me. Just like my guests, who are looking for a nice temporary home. They should all feel comfortable in Brilon and in the BUITERLING Hotel.

“BUITERLING” combines the old with the new. Tradition with modernity. A suitable term for the beautiful house, which, after loving renovation, also combines the history of the house with modern design.

Why "Boutique-Hotel"?

The first thing you think of when you hear the term boutique is the French word that means “small shop”. But boutique hotels don’t have much to do with that. Rather, they are characterized by their small size, individuality and a high level of personal and authentic service. The private management of the houses gives them a special charm that sets them apart from the large hotel chains. This makes the hotels suitable for both individual and business travelers. Incidentally, the boutique hotel concept arose in the 1980s in the major metropolises of the USA and Great Britain.

Boutique hotels take great care to make you feel at home and not find yourself in an impersonal and interchangeable environment. Great emphasis is placed on uniqueness. But not only the personal style of the owner is expressed in a boutique hotel, style elements of the respective environment are often integrated. That is why boutique hotels are often housed in extraordinary and extensively renovated historical buildings. Like the BUITERLING Hotel!


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Daniela Fiedler

and the BUITERLING-Team